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Stereotactic Surgery

Stereotactic surgery is a surgical technique that allows us to get to any point of the brain with high precision, in fact less than 0.001 degree error. The complexity of the cerebral functions requires of a continuous integrity of their routes of connection, any alteration of the cerebral structure involves a variable degree of neurological dysfunction. The precision of stereotaxia allows us to advance through the brain without represent an additional injury to the patient. It allows us to make a biopsy of deep cerebral lesions with an extremely high precision, becoming the cerebral biopsy into an ambulatory procedure and it can be made under local anesthesia.

This is accomplished using a stereotactic frame assisted by computer and computed tomography scan or the magnetic resonance imaging.

After the positioning of the frame on the patient, this is taken to the tomography to make the calculations of the coordinates X,Y, Z, to obtain the exact location of the injury that we wish to approach.

This type of neurosurgical technology is used for:

  • Biopsy of cerebral tumors, abscesses, parasites o any unknown mass
  • Drainage of cerebral abscesses
  • Surgery of Parkinson
  • Surgery of other extrapyramidal motor upheavals
  • Surgery of behavioral (Psychosurgery): Obsessive-compulsive aggressiveness, severe depression, etc.
  • Surgery of intractable pain
  • Surgery of epilepsy

The benefits of the stereotactic surgery are so wide that, nowadays, any department of qualified Neurosurgery must count with this type of instrumentation for its daily practice.

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